Orange pop

Last weekend was the first weekend in awhile that was blissfully unplanned.  After my morning latte, I decided to venture over to one of my favorite places for some amazing fashion finds and inspiration….Chinatown.  I love seeing the effortlessly fabulous outfits bustling around the streets followed by a wander into the boutiques that are always treasure troves of the most amazing accessories.  I never seem to leave Chinatown empty handed.

On this particular visit, I was after some ridiculously cute flats.  As usual, I was not disappointed.  When I saw the metal studs and matching bow capped off by turquoise, I knew they would be mine.  A pop of orange caught my eye in the same store, which I quickly snapped up to satisfy my neon obsession.  I left with pendant and shoes in hand and a smile on my face.

I’m off to Melbourne this weekend….pictures to follow!

Top: Patterson J. Kincaid (similar here), Jeans: J. Crew , Shoes: purchased in Chinatown boutique (similar herehere & here), Clutch: Ela, Necklace: Sydney markets (similar here, here & here), Sunglasses: Wayne Cooper, Nails: OPI “A good mandarin is hard to find”.

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