C is for Chanel

stripe half half

When deciding on an investment accessory, there is no better purchase than Chanel.  Sure, it comes with a large price tag (one that seems to be increasing by the minute) but the classics are timeless and always work.

My first and only piece, thus far, was the classic flap.  I had it in my sights for sometime and after many hours of research, and many months of saving, I welcomed my first member to the family in Hawaii in 2011.  Since then, the flap has been my go to for everything from cut-offs to formal attire.  As Chanel lovers know, the construction of the bag is phenomenal and works equally well as a cross-body and a shoulder bag.  With the release of the Boy Bag, I’m definitely ready for my next investment.  My only issue….which color.  #chanelproblems 🙂

stripe close


stripe side

stripe down

Tee: Vince, Shorts: Vintage Levi’s (similar here), Booties: Rag & Bone, Bag: Chanel, Sunnies: Ray-Ban, Ring: Gemma Redux



4 thoughts on “C is for Chanel

  1. Love all your outfits with this bag. I’m really considering saving up now. It looks really proportional to your body. I was wondering what size is it? Also, do you prefer the single or double flap? Thanks.

    • Hi Nikki! Thank you for the kind works! So mine is the medium flap (double flap) in black caviar. I find the caviar leather more durable than the lambskin. I’m 5’1 so the medium was perfect. There is one size down from mine called the mini which is also nice. Chanel unfortunately has price increases at least once a year. The next one is in Dec/Jan time frame as the most recent was in April. Just to give you an idea, my flap, purchased in 2011, has gone up by almost $1000. I definitely think saving for one is a wonderful investment purchase and one you will be happy with long term. The quality and classic features of the bag justify the price to me. Happy to help further if needed. 🙂

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