Black & Blue + Cyber Monday

bb half

No I’m not black and blue after the frenzy of Black Friday sales; however it got me thinking about a fashion myth that has always circulated: Wearing black and blue together is one of the ultimate faux pas.  I have to disagree on every level.  I love the combo, especially with the right accessories.  Because the two colors are in similar families, the combination creates a neutral palette with a bit of contrast.



bb top crop

bb acc

bb full

Top: 3.1 Phillip Lim-on sale (similar here), Demim: Frame-on sale (also here-on sale), Clutch: Elizabeth and James (also love this version), Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Sunnies: Celine, Bracelet: J. Crew-30% off with HOLIDAY, Earrings: Gemma Redux, Nails: Chanel in Accessoire, Book: Kate Spade.


Best of Cyber Monday sales:

J Brand: 25% off sitewide with CYBER2014-My pick here

J. Crew: 30% off sitewide with MONDAY-love this piece

Piperlime: 30% off sitewide CYBERSALE-My faviorte bootie ever here

Helmut Lang: 40% off sitewide



super half half F

I’m always a fan of bright colors and I can say without a doubt, this piece (I scored on sale) is by far a new favorite.  Needless to say, people can see me coming from a mile away, but my obnoxiously loud color (hard to even capture in a photo) seemed to command a friendly smile from most.

I think everyone needs that one hue that just makes you feel good when you put it on, and pink-or anything in that family– is one of those for me.  The fact that I stumbled upon the brightest version possible is just a bonus. With Summer underway and Fall already starting to show up in fashion, I love the idea of letting this dress shine in the warmer months and pairing it down with darker pieces for the Fall.

super clutch B   super wall F super shoes F super necklace super half B

Dress: Topshop (also love this one & this color), Shoes: Jimmy Choo (similar here), Necklace & Ring: Gemma Redux, Clutch: Elizabeth and James, Sunnies: Wayne Cooper (similar here). 


bb redo

With beach season calling, I’ve begun to rally my maxi’s and bikinis for the season ahead.  I will admit, I sometimes forget that a simple beach cover-up doesn’t need to be so simple.  With the addition of the right accessories, a black beach maxi is instantly kicked up a notch.

bb quad F

bb silver

bb acc close

Necklace: Bauble Bop20% off with code: FIREWORKS20, Clutch: Elizabeth and James, Sunnies: Karen Walker.



Pouch Power


Throughout my travels, moves and daily life, I’ve come to find my trusty tote just doesn’t seem to cut it in all situations.  Enter the pouch.  My first experience with one was when I purchased my black pebbled Clare Vivier years ago before she had her own store fronts in NYC and LA. Since then, I’ve added many more in various colors and fabrics.

The pouch falls somewhere between a coin purse and a clutch.  Perfect for riding in a larger tote to hold all you goodies, but mostly these babies pack a punch by themselves as the perfect accessory.

(Top left clockwise) Blue: Comme des garcons, Brown stripe: Madewell – On Sale!, Green: J. Crew -On Sale!, Stripe: Gap, Pink stripe: Clare Vivier, Grey croc: Alexander Wang, Black & White: J. Crew, Leopard: Elizabeth and James, Spotted: Clare Viver.



Japanese Snow


With all the cities and places we visited in Japan, this quaint street in Kyoto was hands down the most magical.  We stumbled upon it by accident funnily enough.  As per usual, I was starving and we were on the hunt for a fabulous yet authentic lunch, and so far, everything seemed to be closed.  As I was about to unleash my inner hunger monster, we turned a corner and bumped into the cutest little lady from Eastern Europe on a 25 day tour of Japan.  She simply said to us, “the most beautiful street in Japan is just there (p0inting).  You must have a walk down it”.  At this point I could only hope it was not only beautiful, but full of open restaurants.

It was even better than expected.  Three breeds of cherry blossoms were in full bloom.  As a soft breeze blew, the buds would fill the air like powdery snow.  I was mesmerized.  At the end of the street was a small door with a sign out front.  I was really ready to eat anything at this point, so we wandered in through the tiny door, up the stairs and removed our shoes-as instructed.  Two hours later, we were blissfully happy after our traditional tatami-style lunch, complete with a front row view of the blossoms drifting through the air.

snow full

snow down B


Dress: Splendid (similar here & other colors (on sale) here), Jacket: Abercrombie (similar here, here & here), Shoes: Theory (similar here & here), Sunnies: vintage (similar here & here), Clutch: Elizabeth and James (similar here), Bracelet: Gemma Redux




Osaka Streets

hat B FB SUN

The difference between Osaka and Tokyo is like night and day.  After a quick trip on the Shinkansen (the bullet train), stepping onto the narrow, bustling streets was a change from Tokyo’s seemingly more organized and spacious feel.  At dawn, the back roads were full of people rushing to work, delivery men making the rounds and the various nations represented by tourists.  Once evening set in, a totally different world emerged full of geisha girl- clad VIP clubs, a slew of restaurants that had seemed to come alive once dusk had set in and  a parade of 6 inch heels and eyelashes that went on for days.  The juxtaposition between the two times of day was fantastic.

As with much of our trip, we’ve tempted fate and eaten at places that speak very little English in the hopes of achieving an authentic food experience.  My husband’s limited knowledge of the Japanese language has proved useful enough to get a basic understanding of what’s potentially going to be on the plate.  Yes, we’ve ended up with dishes that spark intrigue and discussion, but without fail, the food is simply amazing. (More on food in fashion in my upcoming Japan 1 & 2 post).

I found an early morning stroll, of course wearing the Japanese twist on the basic baseball cap, was the best way to see a different side of Osaka. The chaotic scene from the night before had transformed into something almost serene. Perfect introduction to the city.

hat full sign hat close hat bag hat walk hat acc all FB   hat street back

hat sun B

Top: Topshop (similar here & here), Denim: AG Adriano Goldschmied (also here), Hat: 109 Tokyo (similar herehere), Shoes: Theory (similar here), Sunnies: Ray-Ban, Clutch: Elizabeth and James (love this).

Layer me up

stripe full

As of late, I’ve found my wardrobe seems to evolve over the course of the day.  Layers go on, jackets come off, hair gets pulled back…you get the picture.  Weather and the types of meetings I have usually influence these shifts.  I decided instead of lugging around a massive bag full of clothing options, why not embrace how each piece can become part of a more interesting collaboration.

stripe acc 2

stripe down

stripe side 1

Leather jacket: Veda (similar here & here), Sweater: Madewell (similar here & here), Stripe dress: French Connection (similar here & here), Boots: Rag & Bone (love this color & these), Clutch: Elizabeth & James (similar here), Sunnies: Wayne Cooper. Ring-Chelsea Markets (similar here).